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Screen and Recycle : Soils, Compost, Sand, Rock, and Gravels

Video: 78 Demonstration (Click below to play)

DeSite SLG-78VF-5
Portable Vibratory Screener
Mini Excavator, Tractor, Skidsteer

Screening Soil and Rocks(Click below to play)

DeSite SLG-78VF-5
Screens 15 to 30 Yards per Hour
Tilt screen deck from 30 to 45 degress

Video: 108 Demonstration (Click below to play)

DeSite SLG-108VFRB
Portable Vibratory Screener
Loaders, Backhoes, Excavators

Video: 108 Demonstration (Click below to play)

DeSite SLG-108VFRB
20 to 60 Yards Per Hour
Screens sand, soil, rock, and more.

DeSite Cost Effective Spring Loaded Grizzly, S.L.G., Soil and Rock Screeners

Big, high production soil screeners need room to operate and often draw unwanted attention. Rotary trommel screeners work great but are primarily designed for soil only. Both have a high purchase price and depreciate quickly. Many excavation contractors see the economic benefit to screening and recycling waste soil and rock but cannot justify the cost nor have the room for a big screener.

DeSite has changed all that with their Spring Loaded Grizzly Compact Portable Vibratory Screeners. With four models, purpose built with small to mediums sized contractors in mind, our screeners range in price from $3195.00 to $10,995.00usd.

If you have been needing and wanting screening independence at an affordable price, our SLG vibratory screening machines can deliver.

Topsoil Screener designed for compact excavators, mini loaders, and compact bucket tractors with buckets up to 68 inches wide.

Topsoil Screener for small machines

Topsoil Screener designed for skid steers, excavators, compact loaders, and mid size bucket tractors with buckets up to 78 inches wide. New Designs for 2017.

Topsoil Screener for medium sized machines

Topsoil Screener designed for large skidsteers, excavators, compact loaders, and midsize bucket tractors with buckets up to 108 inches wide.

Topsoil Screener for large machines like backhoes

Topsoil Screener designed for backhoes, excavators, and wheel loaders with buckets up to 108 inches wide.

Screening Machine with Riser Box for Larger machines

Size Matters

Our SLG 68,78, and 108 screener design got it right. The 68 and 78 have a footprint no larger than a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood. Even our 108VFRB backhoe and wheel loader screener that can be fed with buckets up to 9ft have a footprint of only 6ft x 10ft. Our SLG screeners offer the largest screening area, larger than any other screeners in its class. Having a screen deck wider than a machines bucket means more hourly production and bigger profit.

Portability Matters

Our machines portability is unmatched by any other design out there. DeSite has designed in fork pockets and bucket lift extensions that allow SLG screeners to be moved in literally seconds with forks or a bucket. Keeping the screener close to the pile being screened is critical to good production when using compact equipment to feed the screener.

Maintenance Matters

Screening machine maintenance is much like forklift maintenance. They often only work part time so they only get maintained when they are broken. DeSite understands this so we have designed our machines to be virtually maintenance free. Our vibratory packs are electric powered and sealed away from dirt and dust. The power source can be up to 100ft away from dirt and dust, keeping maintenance to a minimum. DeSite 78VF machines have no grease points, while the 68V has only two and the 108VFRB has only four grease points. Less maintenance means less down time, higher production and lower operating costs.

Versatility Matters

Deck screeners are definitely more versatile than a trommel. Deck screeners can screen aggregate, and heavy rock, which is usually not recommended for trommel drums. Screener versatility often boils down to screening a variety of products and product sizes. The ease of a mesh size change out will determine whether the operator will take the time to change the mesh and make a variety of products.

SLG screeners use a hooked mesh design and C style clamps to stretch and hold the mesh in place over the crowned screen deck. Our design puts the tensioning bolts on the sides of the deck where they are easily accessible. Mesh change out on the 68 and 78 take less than 15 minutes. The 108vfrb design will take 30 to 40 minutes.

Deck Slope Matters

DeSite is the only screen manufacturing company that has incorporated deck slope and gravity into their design to enhance the efficiency of the screening process.

DeSite has the only screener on the market that allows the operator to manipulate deck slope during the screening process.

DeSite has the only design that brings the deck slope all the way up to 45 degrees to stop screen plugging when screening extreme moisture materials. Our machines then can bring the slope all the way back to 25 degrees for screening aggregates and sand.

Price Matters

No other manufacture has made the investment to design a small compact vibratory screening machine for the compact tractor market. The SLG 68V has brought screen and recycling independence to nurseries, farms and land owners that own compact tractors. Our SLG 78VF-5 screeners are the number one seller in North America when customers are using skid steers, tractors, excavators and compact loaders. Our design is very efficient, out performing anything in its class for a price that is far below what other in the industry want for their product. The DeSite SLG 108VFRB with over 60 sq/ft of screening area is the most cost effective vibratory screener for excavators, backhoes, and wheel loaders. Built tough and built to last, the SLG 108VFRB is bringing screen and recycling independence to the market at a price of only $10,995.00usd.

Our Mission

Our designs keep recycling profitable.

Our mission at IDM is to bring quality products from around the world to you at competitive prices.

At IDM we focus on engineering our products to be effective and efficient, saving our customers time and money.

IDM signature products include DeSite SLG Vibratory Screening Systems, self dumping waste bins, snowplows and snowpushers. SLG sifting machines are purpose designed for recycling topsoils, sand, compost, gravels, rock, crushed concrete, and asphalt millings.

IDM is now warehousing SLG screeners on the East Coast, saving customers big bucks on freight. It has never been more affordable to own compact SLG vibratory screener to recycle waste.

Recent Customer Review

Hello Brad,

Well, we made it home this afternoon with the new screener. Had to go to Sparks, Nv. at the FedEx Freight facility. Even they had difficulty loading onto my trailer since his forks were short so he slid it over the axles by pushing the crate forward from behind. Nice place and good people there. That is a "no joke" piece of equipment. Too bad folks can't see one in person to see the quality before they decide to get one. The pictures and videos don't show how well built it is. Thanks for the great service.
Looking forward to trying it out this afternoon.

Bill Stone


Hi Brad

I wasn't expecting delivery until next week. Had fun today sifting a pile of mixed debris. Made some nice topsoil. Also screened some DG. Beautiful job. So pleased with this machine I can't tell you how much. Hope to get some video soon.

Bill Stone

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