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Better Snowplow 8-12


Quick Overview

Push winter out of your way.

Prices in USD.

We are committed to manufacturing products that make our customers money without emptying their wallets. Our BSP8-12 is just another example of our simple but efficient products that are designed to last.


We wanted our snow blade to stand the test of time so we made it just like the blade on a dozer, 3/16” front skin, ¼ internal gussets, 1/8” back skin, 3/8 bottom frog plate with gussets. Two make our blade more versatile we have designed two 36” wings that rotate forward and back 180 degrees. We have a bolt-on cutting edge for the main blade and floating cutting edges for the wings. Our wings are laser cut from 3/8” plate and reinforced with ¼ wall 2”x 2” tubing. We even shot blast then powder coat our snow blades for harsh winter salt, sand, and snow.

All for 2895.00usd while inventories last

Simple and Efficient

Bells and whistles are great but cost money to buy and more money to maintain. Winter conditions are tough on equipment. Salt and cold weather is the number one enemy of electrical components and hydraulics for snow blades. Nobody wants to be broke down when its dark, cold and snowing, so we have eliminated the components that give you trouble. We are selling a snow blade that does all and more than other blades for thousands of dollars less.

BSP 8-12 Construction (Dozer Blade Strength)

Front skin is laser cut 7 gauge 3/16 plate, formed to roll snow as you plow.

Front skin is constructed from 7 guage 3/16 snow plow

Back skin is laser cut 10 gauge 1/8 plate that plug welds to vertical members inside the blade for dozer blade strength.

Back skin is constructed from 10 guage 1/8 plate.

Rotating wings are cut from 3/8" plate and reinforced with laser cut 3/8 gussets.

snow plow side plates
snow plow side plates reinforcement

180 degree wings have 3/4” plate floating cutting edges.

snow plow side plates

Better SnowPow 8-12 Versatility

The BSP 8-12 has the ability to plow as a U blade, opening an 8ft path, carrying 5 yards of snow with each push.

snowplow can U Blade shape.
snowplow can U Blade shape.

The BSP 8-12 folds out to 12ft for clearing parking lots or big areas in a hurry. Plow up to 12 yards of snow with each push when the blade wings are in the 45 degree position.

Plow snow to the left or right by simply having one wing forward and one wing back.

Folds out up to 12 foot span
Plows up to 8 yards of snow

Angling the Blade

Our system is quick and easy. Change our blade wing positions in seconds with our pre-drilled heavy wall wing tubes.

Side View: snowplow can U Blade shape.
Angled View: snowplow can U Blade shape.
Angled View: snowplow can U Blade shape.
Back View: snowplow can U Blade shape.

Universal Blade Mounting

We have designed 18mm mounting points into the back of the blade to allow for multiple mounting systems.

We have skid steer adaptor blades that allow the blade to float from side to side while plowing.

We offer the standard loader and backhoe bucket adaptor mounts that bolt to the back of the blade.

We even have a for adaptor mount for extended reach and standard forklifts.

Consider the extreme duty construction, check out the features and versatility of this blade and then shop our 2895usd price against lesser blades that are thousands more dollars.

We can ship direct to your door via FedEx any where in Canada or the USA. Call us for “To the Dollar” special freight pricing or check out our map for a generic shipping quote into your region.


BSP with wings forward 90 fits on a trailer.

With the wings 90 forward the BSP 8-12 measures 8 feet across designed for hauling on a trailer.

Get ready for the big snow push and save thousands when you buy our DeSite BSP 8-12 for only 2895.00usd (while supplies last)

Due to currency fluctuations prices are in U.S. dollars. We are happy to quote a price in Canadian dollars upon request.