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Self Dumping Waste Bins

DeSite 1, 2, and 4 yard self dump construction clean up waste debris bins are available for sale or rent by the month. Our waste bins can be moved around easily with forklifts, reach forklifts, skid steers or any type of machine that use pallet forks. DeSite industrial grade bins are manufactured to a heavier standard. Our durable latchless design has no dump rope to break, no latches to bend, are 100% operator safe and 100% maintenance free.

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DeSite has designed and now manufacture our own line of Self Dumping Waste Bins. Waste bins often receive a lot of abuse in the work place so they need to be built well. They get hit, dropped, and backed into on a regular basis.

We have designed our bins in a way that commonly damaged parts can be unbolted and replaced to save our customers costly repair bills. We offer a premium bin that has been reinforced in all the critical areas. We hope that you will see and appreciate the quality and value of our forklift waste bins.

Here are some of the features that we feel set DeSite bins apart from a standard bin.


Stackable bins reduce shipping and storage costs.

DeSite bins have a 2 inch taper to reduce product from wedging in the bin. As you can see from the photo it is possible to sleeve one bin inside of another. Bins bases have also be design with multiple unit shipping in mind. You can ship four times as many DeSite bins in the same space needed for other designs. This can save hundreds of dollars in shipping costs.


Strong bins made with double steel plates.

Other bin designs corner to corner weld the bin panels. DeSite bins CNC form and overlap the edge of our bin panels. Doubling the plate doubles the bin strength.

Maintenance and Repair

Dump bins are often susceptible to damage and abuse in the work environment. Heating to bend, cutting and welding when repairing bins can be quite expensive. We have designed our bins so that external components are bolt on and not weld on. This allows bin parts to unbolted and replaced when damaged.

Replacing damaged parts saves time and increases work place safety.

Bin Latching System

Easily replace the entire bin latching system.

The latching system on self dumping bins is always exposed to forklift damage. We have made the entire assembly a bolt on item that can be replaced rather that repaired.

Dump Rail Assembly

Dump Rail Assembly bolts on.

We have designed the dump rail assembly on our bins to be bolted on. Bolting on the dump rails not only allows for multiple bins shipping, but it also allows for the rails to be replaced if they get damaged.

Rope Linkage Post

The rope linkage is bolted on for easy replacement if damaged.

We bolt on our rope linked post due to the fact that is often becomes damaged when the forklift comes in contact with it.

Bin Stop Shaft Pins

Bin Stop Shaft Bins can be removed from the dump bin base.

We have designed our bins to be maintenance friendly. Bin stops are removable, allowing the bin to be separated from the base quickly for maintenance and repairs when needed.

Bin Rail Alignment

Bin rail alignment rods can be adjusted.

Beneath the bin you will find two bin rail alignment rods. We have installed these rods to adjust and control the track alignment as the bin is dumping.

Laminated Bin Track

Each dump bin has a welded track doubler.

We have welded a track doubler for the bin to run on. This doubles the strength and support f the base where the bin travels.

Dump Angle

Get better dump angles with DeSite Dump Bins

DeSite bins have and extended base that allows our bins to rotate further forward that and any other bins. This increases the dump angle for better dumping with wet or difficult materials.

Four Way Access

Access the dump bin from each side.

We have designed our bin bases to have 4 way access. This allows for better use and mobility in the work place.

After viewing our DeSite “Better Built Bins” we hope that you can see the quality and value of our products.

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