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Reviews of DeSite Screening Machines

Opps we made a mistake, but we love testimonials. We sent the e-mail below out to a couple of people, but they had already bought a DeSite Topsoil Screener. We thought we'd share our original e-mail and the replies. Thank you to everyone that took time out of their busy day to respond.


2015 has been a very busy sales year for our DeSite SLG Vibratory Screeners. We have been blessed with record sales to date, selling more than 400 units since September of 2014.

Our heavy duty DeSite screener designs are cost effective, low maintenance, simple and efficient. We are North America’s best screening value.

Profits is not how much you take in but how much is left in your pocket when you are done. Our screener designs are half the price of our competition, more compact, and more portable.

I see we quoted you on our SLG-DeSite. Although we have made a quotation, I see that we have not closed the sale.

I am reaching out to see if there is anything that we could do to gain you as a customer and an owner of one of our DeSite SLG Portable Vibratory Screener Systems.

With your good credit we offer our flexible factory financing. Call today for details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Brad Hilmoe

Hello Brad,

The screener is a "no joke" piece of equipment. Too bad folks can't see one in person to see the quality before they decide to get one. The pictures and videos don't show how well built it is. Thanks for the great service.
Looking forward to trying it out this afternoon.

Bill Stone

Hi Brad

I wasn't expecting delivery until next week. Had fun today sifting a pile of mixed debris. Made some nice topsoil. Also screened some DG. Beautiful job. So pleased with this machine I can't tell you how much. Hope to get some video soon.


Hi Brad,

I purchase a 78 inch screen last year from Woodbury Tractor, it has been one of the best pieces of equipment I have purchased.


Carl C.

Goshen, CT

I bought your screener from Woodbury Tractor. Great unit.

Mark M.

Revere, MA.

Dear Debra and Brad,

Evidently 2015 was a very busy year for you...in fact, so busy you did not realize that we did purchase one of your machines in 2015. As with any equipment purchase, you always hope for the best. I have to say your screening machine worked better than I could have ever imagined.

Its ease of operation was simply fantastic. The product it produced was actually better than we could have purchased from local suppliers.

Continued success in 2016.

Best regards,

Mike B.

Mequon, WI

We did purchase one of your units through Larry Lang in 2014 and we are very pleased with it. We have shown it to several other cemeteries in the area as well.

Rufus S.

Dayton, OH

What, I bought one, it works great.

Kent P.

Penn, ND

You actually closed the deal with me so you might want to check your records. I'm very happy with my screen so far.

Thank you,
Patrick F.

Gold Beach, OR

Actually we bought two of the slg 108vfrb in 2015.

David H.

Kahoka, MO

Brad, you did close sale. I purchased in last year. I am very happy with the screener. Thanks for the follow up.

Ken F.

Pittsfield, VT

Thank you for getting in contact with me . I bought one from Alto equipment and he got it from a guy in Redding. I love it it is the slg78. Great machine.

Brian F.

McKinleyville, CA

We did purchase a slg108vrf screen plant from you in February or march of 2015. We are very happy with the unit and contemplating on purchasing another one in the near future.


Cuyahoga Falls, OH