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Snowplow / Snow Pusher

DeSite focuses on simple more efficient designs that increase our customers productivity. Our new snowplow / snow pusher designs are another example of this commitment to saving time and money.

Better SnowPlow 8-12

The DeSite Better SnowPlow 8-12 has the versatility to be used with a machines bucket or with any industry quick change system. This plow folds up to 8ft for road transport or plowing in confined areas and then can fold out to 12 ft for quick and efficient plowing of roads or parking lots. The BSP 8-12 has rotating wings that transform the plow from a U plow to an angle blade. The plow is 36 inches tall 8 or 12ft wide and weighs 1500lbs.

The DeSite Better SnowPlow 8-12 snow plow is priced at only 2895.00usd and is just another example of our simple but efficient products that are designed and built to last.

Better SnowPlow 6-8

Designed for compact tractors and forklifts, this plow can be either 6ft or 8ft, depending upon the size and horsepower of the machine. This plow comes with a 2500 psi plow edge and 3" x 16" 3/4" thick hardened wear shoes.
This plow moves snow quick and efficient, offering forklifts more versatility in the workplace.

The DeSite Better SnowPlow 6-8 compact plow has bolt on wings that take the blade from 6 ft to 8ft in width.

Get Ready To Plow Winter Out Of Your Way

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  • Snowplow with skidsteer

    Better Snowplow 8-12

    Push winter out of your way. Prices in USD. ...
  • Front View of the Better SnowPlow 6-8

    Better Snowplow 6-8

    The DeSite BSP 6-8 is designed for forklifts and compact equipment. P...

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