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DeSite 4 Yard Capacity Bin for Telehandlers


Quick Overview

Capacity: 4 cubic yards

Prices in USD.


DeSite is now manufacturing a cost effective solution to the high costs of handling construction waste at the work site. We now offer a 4 yard waste bin with fork pockets for movement in and around the work site.

No longer is it necessary to throw building debris on the ground only to waste expensive man hours picking it back up and making multiple trips to a 40 yard roll off bin. Mini bins can some times be set closer to the project but nothing has the mobility and convenience of the DeSite 4 yard Telehandler bin. Use your reach forklift to place the bin right where the work is being done, and when the bin is full simply use your forklift to take the bin over to the 40 yard roll off and empty the contents into the bins. It is safe and efficient, leaving your workers more time to keep the project on schedule.

"We saw an opportunity to design a highly mobile construction waste bin purpose built for use with tele-handler reach forklifts already at the construction site" - Brad Hilmoe

The BB-4 is 7 foot wide, 5 feet deep, and 48 inches tall. These sturdy built bins have a weight of 1500 lbs with removable sides and dump gate. Zoom this bin up high to remove trash from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th story buildings. Work safer and faster with the DeSite BB-4. Expect savings on your waste disposal costs when you have three or four of these bins onsite to sort and recycle boards, plywood, sheetrock, plastics and steel.

Other bin manufacture designs are a one piece weldment, maintained with a torch, hammers, more steel and a welder. These type of bins age quickly and can be an eyesore with your company name attached out on the jobsite.


Our highly mobile 4yd Tele- Handler Waste Bins are designed as a "knockdown" bin. Knockdown bins have the ability to disassemble for economical shipment, and can be easily maintained and repaired if damaged at the worksite. The DeSite TDB-4 Tele-Handler Construction Waste Debris Bins consists of five parts, the floor, three removable sides and a door.The bin base consists of a 4" x 4" steel tubing frame with 4" x 4" formed steel internal support beams.

Take the 4 yard bin anywhere you go.
The telehandler lifts the dump bin where you need it to be.


The fork pockets are 4" x 8" rectangular steel tubes. We have oversized them for easy access, and for transporting when dumping the bin.The removable back and sides of the bin are also constructed from 1/8 steel plate with four vertical 2" x 3" rectangular steel tubes that fit into laser cut and CNC formed steel pockets welded into the bin base. The one piece (top mount) quick disconnect swinging door can be removed in less literally less than two minutes, turning the bin into a three sided open front bin for lifting building supplies to upper floors or onto roof tops. After manufacturing is complete, all bin parts are shot blasted, powder coated and oven baked for a durable finish.

View the DeSite 4 Yard Better Built Bin Brochure

The telehanlder bin flattened for transportation
One side of the telehandler attached.
Second side of the telehandler attached.
Three sides of the telehanlder bin attached.

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Due to currency fluctuations prices are in U.S. dollars. We are happy to quote a price in Canadian dollars upon request.