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Excavator Dump Trailer


Quick Overview

For Compact Excavators

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DeSite Excavator Dump Trailer Specs

  • Weight: 1600 pounds
  • Capacity: 2 Yards
  • Construction: 3/8 Thick Steel Plates
  • Heavy Duty Axle: 10,000lb working load
  • Skidsteer Tires: single or dual axle configuration

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Get More From Your Compact Excavator

Nothing beats the versatility of a compact excavator for  digging ditches, landscape excavation, moving rocks or grappling debris. About the only thing a compact excavator cannot do efficiently is move dirt, rock, and brush any distance.  DeSite ASM has changed all that with our extreme duty dump trailer purpose built for compact excavators. Our Excavator Dump Trailer (EDT-2) weighs 1600lbs, holds 2 cubic yards. The bin is manufactured from 3/8 thick steel plate for the abuse of hauling products like concrete and boulders that tear up a standard duty dump trailer. We have designed the trailer with extreme duty stub axles and bearing that can handle up to a 10,000 lb working load. We use 10.00 x 16.5 skidsteer tires that can be in a single or dual axle configuration.

Our DeSite bin trailer attaches to the blade of the excavator with our quick disconnect pintle hitch system. Although you have the ability to dump the bin like a standard trailer the fastest and most efficient way to empty our trailer is to simply push material out with the bucket of the excavator.

There are so many places that you can use our bin trailer.

  • - Concrete demolition
  • - Bedding utilities
  • - Moving oversize rock
  • - Removing stumps and brush
  • - Moving excavation material
  • - Transporting landscape material

No Hydraulics Needed

We do not install hydraulics on our trailers on purpose. Contractors often take our dump trailer into areas where stumps, rocks and brush can tear off or break cylinders and lines. It is faster and more efficient to push material out the end of the bin and only stand up the bin at the end of the day or when the project is finished.

Trailer Transport

This bin trailer has been designed to load between the fenders of a standard equipment trailer. Leave the dump bin trailer connected to the excavator for quick and efficient transport.

Excavator trailer
Excavator trailer
Excavator trailer

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